Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Just another day...

The past year has been good to me. I have met some great people, and one person in particular has suddenly and unexpectedly grabbed my heart. Now I can't stop thinking about this person every minute of every day and I count the seconds until I see her again...

But true to my luck when it comes to matters of the heart, the situation could not be more complex and the future is very uncertain, which is killing me. I can't even tell her how crazy I am about her and how much I miss her...

Fucking hell...

Monday, March 26, 2007

Tag Survey Thingy

Can't remember how I got this...but it's been overdue to be posted...enjoy!

1) How am I feeling today? All eyez on Me - Monica
2) Where will I get married? Party to Damascus – Wyclef and missy Elliott

3) What is my best friend's theme song? Let it Whip – Dazz Band
4) What was high school like? Bring Em Out – T.I.

5) What is the best thing about me? Insane in the Brain – Cypress Hill
6) How is today gonna be? Don’t Be Shy – Bombay Rockers
7) What is in store this week? Me, Myself and I - Beyonce
8) What song describes my parents? You Can Do It – Ice Cube

9) How is my life going? Mamacita – Public Announcement
10) What song will they play at my funeral? Doin It Well - LL Cool J (rotfl!)

11) How does the world see me? Number 1 – Pharell ft Kanye West (YEAH)
12) What do my friends see in me? Call on Me – Erik Prydz

13) Do people secretly lust about me? Smack My Bitch Up - Prodigy
14) How can I make myself happy? Saaki – Musafir (hindi alco song!)
15) What should I do with my life? Beautiful Maria of My Soul – Mambo Kings
16) Will I ever have children? Rock the Casbah – The Clash

17) What is some good advice? Woman Trouble – Craig David and the Artful dodger (how true!)
18) What do I think my current theme song is? Gangsta’s Paradise - Coolio

19) What does everyone else think of my current life? Houston – I Like That
20) What type of women do you like? Treat Her Like a Lady - Temptations
21) Will you get married? Strangers in the Night – Frank Sinatra (not a good sign)

22) Where will I live? Space Cowboy - Jamiroquai
23) What should I do with my love life? Sexy Love - NeYo
24) What will your dying words be? Blame it on the Boogie – Michael Jackson (haha, priceless!)
25) When Im having sex I say? LL Cool J - Hush
26) When I meet a guy/girl for the first time I say? Get to Know Ya - Maxwell
27) When my parents are angry I say? On Fire – Lloyd Banks

Haha...reading through it again...some of them are pretty funny I must say!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Of Midgets and Spider-Men

Ok, so I was at Zouk last nite on the invite of my mate Benji, whom I hadn't seen in a few years. The night was not unlike any other clubbing nite (tho there was one supafyne South American chick infront of my table), except for 2 things. No, make that 6 things...

First up, there was this midget, in a flourescent green court jester costume no less, who starts shakin it on the podium. And he wasn't just quietly bopping his head to the beat, the dude was all out over-the-top dancing freaky style! In short (!), he was burnin up the floor. It didn't help matters when the DJ started spinning "Shorty Like Mine". Priceless!

You would think that was enough entertainment for one night. But no, if Mr Midget (MM)thought he had the spotlight firmly on his tiny frame, he had another thing comin. In fact, he had 5 things comin!

It hadn't been a few minutes since MM was doin his thang when in walked 5 white dudes in skin tight SpiderMan costumes. Not just skin-tight, these were the midriff baring version as well! The kind that would look hot on a chick, but not on a generously sized white guy. Or any generously sized guy, for that matter. And here we had 5 doses of it.

Now these guys weren't here to stand around and drink in a corner. No sooner had they stepped in when they were up on the podium, stealing MM's thunder like no thunder had ever been stolen before. And these guys had no pride to lose as they all wearing masks and could embarrass themselves shitless with no repercussions!

The highlight of the night would have been when the 5 Spideys were all dancing around little MM. The Mini Flourescent Green Goblin had been surrounded by the Amazing Spider-Men, with no hope...what was he to do...

So they danced. And danced. And danced some more. And posed for pictures. And picked up some chicks. Right up till the lights came up. For a while at least, the Mini Green Goblin and his eternal nemesis (+4) were happily inebriated, dancing like only old friends do - the cobwebs of hate and enmity torn away, even if only for a few hours.

Pretty fucking good entertainment it made, I'll say! The only downside is that I was really diggin this track called "World, Hold On (Children of the Sky)" by Bob Sinclair. But now everytime I listen to that song I only see the mental image of 5 SpiderMen with no rhythmm groovin with a midget!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I am so bloody pissed right now...out of all the effing shirts of for me to get a red wine stain just HAD to be my new Raoul shirt which I got for my new job. RAOUL!!!! Not effing cheap you know. AND I was so careful not to get any wine on it...I don't even know when it happened. It's a white shirt at that!!!! It's the most expensive shirt I've ever bought. Talk about luck....

At present time, I have used 1 can of soda water and 2 cans of tonic water and a hell of a lot of effort to get that tiny stain off. The skin is peeling off my knuckles from all that scrubbing. The stain is mostly gone, but there is still a light shadow. On a white shirt, that is enough.....

I am now hoping that some Dynamo on the stain overnight with a good handwash tomorrow will do the job...please dear God....pleaasssssseeeeeee!

I will be praying hard tonight.

UPDATE : As if the wine stain wasn't enough, my recently purchased jogging shoes went missing yesterday. I suspect my apartment rubbish collectors must have taken it as they were in a plastic bag. Idiots...However, as of this morning the wine stain was gone. Will have to wait until the shirt dries to assess the damage to the material from all the scrubbing.

New Year!

2007 is here! For me, I'm looking forward to my new job which starts on the 16th. Finally, job with a good company that has scope for career development and it's something that I'm interested in. Oh yeah, I get to enjoy public holidays too! I hate the working on public holidays crap that is required at my current job.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting.....

In a couple of weeks, I will be reporting for work to the Information Risk Management department under the Business Advisory wing of Klynveld Pete Marwick Goerdeler - better known as KPMG. Even my business card will sound fairly impreessive. The official title is "Executive - Information Risk Management". No one has to know that it's a junior exec, ok?

It will be one day shy of exactly one year since I started work that I will be joining KPMG. I started my current job on the 17th of January 2006, and I start at KPMG on the 16th of January 2007.

I cannot put into words how happy and excited I am to be joining KPMG. I have been trying to join them since January of last year and it took months of trying before I finally got an interview. Then it took another few months for it to materialize into an offer. In fact my interviewer did mention that they have a few copies of my resume, which I kept sending in at different intervals over the last year.

Here's to new beginnings!

Friday, December 08, 2006


I've been off this whole week..heaven some might say, but I've been stuck at home trying to study. Can't go watch a movie..can't go mall hopping...can't even go and have a prerequisite "1 or 2", if you know what I mean.

Well, actually, sometimes it does feel like heaven. Here's my definition :

Wake up at 7 in the morning and think "Damn, got to get to fucking work"...and then realize that you're off and can sleep all you want!

In that single moment, I know what it feels like to reach nirvana.

Well, actually I've got nothing much to write about other than my lonely week staring at books. Can't wait for the exam to be over tomorrow. Here's the itinerary :

1.00 pm : Exam over!!
1.01 pm : Drink!
1.30 pm : Take a piss
1.32 pm : Drink!
2.15 pm : Surface for some air
2.16 pm : Drink!

At about 4 I predict that I should catch up on some sleep. Maybe wake up at 6, have a coffee and head out for a jog...take a shower, grab a bite etc...

7.30 pm : Drink!
9 pm : Man U vs Man City! ( this basically equals "Drink!")
11.00 pm : Meet up fellow exam candidate Raaj
11.30 pm : Drink!

It's all in the planning, I tell you. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Return of the JeBhai

After almost being wiped out, the JeBhai is back! Completely overthrown and mercilessly hunted down by the evil Empire (aka work), my favourite blogger (aka me) is back after many months of training in the ways of (blog)Force.

Ok, forgive the stupid analogy. It all sounded when I accidentally discovered that Jedi and Bhai rhyme about 45 seconds ago. But to be honest, I have been giving up my life for m work these last few months. If you scroll down to a couple of posts earlier, there was one aforementioned highly intellectualy challenged co-worker of mine. Well, the stupid b***h got fired at last. I don't feel any remorse saying that because she was one of the dumbest people I've ever met and was screwing things faster than a horny Chow Kit hooker. Creating more work for half of the Helpdesk, my boss had to take the brunt of the firing from higher management. Until one day, he could take the firing no more and did some firing of his own! And everyone lived happily ever after....

Except me! For a good 3 months after that, my 3-man team was surviving on two people. Hence, my office life took over. No blog. No after work movies, drinks, dinners etc. Just work, sleep, work, get drunk on weekends out of sheer frustration, repeat process. Things are finally improving after we got a replacement last month.

Anyways, let's not focus on the negative. Here are some positives :

1 - Finally got myself a car! Woohoo! I call her Shilpa after the most gorgeous actress in the
2 - Got my complete DJ set after years of saving and dreaming. Had my first official gig last
week for a friend's party!
3 - Got that all important KPMG interview and got shortlisted! Awaiting further feedback from
them now
4 - Went for a 70s themed party fully decked in 70s with the afro wig and oversized peace sign.

I am still single though. But fuck that. My luck sucks when it comes to chicks.

I also managed to find some retro black and white posters which I've been searching for for months. Think Scarface, Godfather, James Dean, Brat Pack etc. Managed to get myself posters of Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Godfather Part III, Scarface and one awesome Bruce Lee with one of his classic quotes. All in black and white. these are gonna look amazing once I've framed and hung em up.

Last Friday was my bosses farewell. The same boss who got rid Ms. dumbass. It was some night, believe me. I'll blog about it in my next post.

Feels good to be back!

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Seen on a Jobstreet ad....